Best Parking Lot Maintenance Services for Santa Clarita CA Businesses

Best Parking Lot Maintenance Services for Santa Clarita CA Businesses

Asphalt Professionals Inc, Santa Clarita CA’s premier paving company, wants to help our area property owners keep their pavement for as long as possible. Though durable, asphalt pavement does wear over time, and it needs regular maintenance to maintain its beauty and function. Our paving contractors have all the right services to make that happen.

Parking Lot Maintenance Services Perfect for Santa Clarita CA

Here are some cost-effective paving services to revitalize and maintain your parking lot.

  • Hot Crack Filling – Minor repairs like crack filling might not seem like maintenance, but it’s so important to get small cracks properly sealed over before they get worse. Hot crack filling fixes cracks by sealing them with the same hot asphalt products as are in the pavement itself, creating a seamless repair.
  • Sealcoating – The best way to revamp a parking lot that just has surface damage from sun or rain is with an asphalt sealcoat, which is a thin mix of liquid asphalt and polymers designed to increase pavement flexibility while protecting against further wear.
  • Overlays – When a parking lot surface is a little more damaged but still stable, an asphalt overlay provides a new surface that will extend the life of a parking lot by years. An overly, a process often paired with asphalt milling, is a cost effective maintenance process as well.
  • Line Striping – A parking lot isn’t just asphalt, but also the parking spaces, pavement markings, and traffic signs that show visitors where to go. Faded parking lines can be a hazard and damaged handicap parking designs are a liability. Get your worn parking lot up to code and ADA compliant with new line striping.

Whatever you need to maintain your Santa Clarita CA parking lot, Asphalt Professionals Inc has the pavement maintenance services to help. Contact us today for a free quote.

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