Best Parking Lot Repair in Moorpark CA

Best Parking Lot Repair in Moorpark CA

Many commercial property owners don’t think about their parking lot, but it’s a huge part of their property values, not mention the first thing customers encounter. A worn or damaged parking lot can make a bad first impression, but how can you make it better?

Asphalt Professionals Inc, Moorpark CA’s leading parking lot paving company, wants all commercial clients to have safe, beautiful pavement, and we have the parking lot repair services to get your commercial pavement back to full function.

Pothole Repair

Professionals can fix potholes by removing the debris and broken pavement, custom mixing asphalt and aggregates, filling the hole with this hot mix asphalt, then compacting it to match the level of the existing pavement. This method creates a permanent fix without requiring more extensive type of repairs.

Asphalt Patching

When there’s a depression or a large area of cracking, paving contractors cut away the top layers of asphalt in a certain area, then replace it with brand new asphalt. Like with pothole repair, this new asphalt is leveled to match the rest of the pavement.


An effective fix for larger areas of damaged pavement is asphalt resurfacing. This is performed by first milling the top layer of asphalt, then applying an overlay, or thinner surface layer of new asphalt that adheres to worn pavement and creates a new surface.

Your Trusted Moorpark CA Parking Lot Repair Company

All of these repairs are designed to help you revamp your asphalt parking lot without needing a full replacement, which can cost a ton of money. If these repairs aren’t enough, the parking lot experts at Asphalt Professionals Inc can also install new asphalt or make more extensive repairs without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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