Best Paving Contractors in Van Nuys CA Fix Parking Lot with Pulverize in Place

Best Paving Contractors in Van Nuys CA Fix Parking Lot with Pulverize in Place

Van Nuys CA’s leading paving company, Asphalt Professionals Inc, recently helped a local property manager completely revamp the old parking lots next to older buildings with a budget conscious and environmentally friendly asphalt paving process. API has become the leader in Southern California asphalt paving by staying on top of paving technologies and always keeping the needs of their clients in mind.

This Van Nuys CA client was contracted by the new building owner to make improvements to an old commercial property that had two very old parking lots with cracks so deep that weeds were growing out of them! API sent an experienced paving contractor to inspect the site right away, and they found that the lots were too damaged to stand up to normal resurfacing techniques.

The building owner didn’t have the budget for a complete asphalt removal and replacement, and they were hoping to just get an asphalt overlay, which is a process in which fresh hot asphalt is poured over existing pavement. Our expert pavement consultant recommended a new process called asphalt pulverizing that involves breaking up the damaged parking lot with a special machine that breaks down and mixes the existing asphalt and gravel base. Then, instead of hauling this material away and completely replacing it, the pulverize in place process creates a new base out of this material. After compacting and grading this material, we applied a fresh layer of asphalt to create a new surface.

Our Van Nuys client loved their new parking lots and complimented the API staff on working within their budget and timeline, saying our contractors were “professional, easy to work with and got the job done well.” If you have problem asphalt on your Southern California commercial property, contact API today for a consultation.

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