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Asphalt Professionals Inc. Lays Down the Groundwork for First NASCAR Race in the LA Coliseum

Asphalt Professionals Inc. is laying down the groundwork for NASCAR’s first event in the LA Coliseum with a major grading project. Because of their extensive knowledge and asphalt installation experience, the Asphalt Pros earned the opportunity to complete the grading and sub-base preparation on this exciting project.

Local Asphalt Company Lays Down the Groundwork for First NASCAR Race in the LA Coliseum

Check back after the race for more pictures and details of the exceptional paving work from Asphalt Professionals!

Full Service Asphalt Parking Lot Installation in Thousand Oaks CA

Thousand Oaks CA’s best parking lot paving company is Asphalt Professionals Inc, and we proved that with a recent challenging parking lot installation job. One of our regular Southern California paving clients needed a new parking lot on undeveloped commercial property in the Thousand Oaks CA area. Because they trusted our work ethic, the client asked us to be the general contractor for all trades in building the parking lot.

Our asphalt paving expert consulted with the client and performed a detailed site inspection to understand the specific job challenges present at the site. As the general contractor, we were responsible for clearing and grubbing the land, meaning removal of all above-ground vegetation as well as stumps and roots underground. After this, we graded the area to ensure proper drainage for the parking lot.

Once the land was prepared for paving, we installed a thick gravel aggregate base layer and compacted it using special equipment to make it stable. Then we poured hot asphalt for the parking lot itself as well as finished it off with concrete curbs. Our Thousand Oaks CA property owner loved their new asphalt parking lot, and they knew they came to the right company.

API is proud to serve our Southern California neighbors with the best asphalt paving, whether that’s building a commercial parking lot literally from the ground up or helping to rehabilitate old, damaged pavement on a historic property. Whatever your pavement needs, the trained and licensed paving contractors at Asphalt Professionals Inc are happy to help. If your property in Thousand Oaks CA needs paving services, contact us right away.

SoCal Paving Contractor Expands with New High Capacity Equipment

Asphalt Professionals Incorporated. Inc. (API) ‌became Southern California’s premier asphalt paving company by constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our operations so that we can offer our clients the best paving solutions available. Since 1974, we’ve been performing quality paving work all over SoCal, learning and growing over the years.

What began as a small family business has become a full-service paving company with several large crews and a constantly expanding fleet of paving equipment. Recently, we procured paving equipment that will help us offer more efficient work to our valued clients: New skip loaders and a windrow elevator!


What is an asphalt windrow elevator?

An asphalt windrow elevator is a machine that moves hot mix asphalt more efficiently so that it can be laid down on the prepared sub-base. The windrow works with the paving machine, called a paver, to evenly distribute the hot-mix asphalt over the base, and it has to be carefully calibrated to match the pace of the paver. This specialized asphalt paving equipment enables us to pave over 300 tons of asphalt per hour!

With our new windrow elevator, we can tackle even the largest paving projects such as sub-divisions, roadways or large industrial pavement areas, and we can work with greater efficiency to get the job done within the tightest schedule and under budget!

If your SoCal commercial property, real estate development or municipality needs serious asphalt paving work, you know API, Asphalt Professionals Inc, are on your side! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

Commercial Paving Contractor in Thousand Oaks completes project for HOA

The asphalt paving experts at Asphalt Professionals, Inc. recently paved a new road for a local condominium complex in Thousand Oaks, CA.

The path behind Wildwood Township One Association was unpaved for many years. The road was long and wide and was previously paved in asphalt but had been removed by another company after it deteriorated from earth movement and old age. A rock walking path was attempted but it did not work out well and was also removed. The homeowner’s association considered a new asphalt path but the city wouldn’t allow trucks to go through the public park for access to the path if they used asphalt. The only other option was to pump in concrete. Although it was more expensive, the HOA agreed to have us do it because they were desperate.

We started the job by grading the walking path then lowered the manholes and placed welded wire mesh on the area. We then pumped concrete over 300 feet and the project was done in less than a day!  Mary at the HOA and the tenants were thrilled with the job and amazed at how quickly the project went. They are so thankful to finally have a company that knows how to get things done and said they are clients for life. Thank you for working with Asphalt Professionals, Inc.


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Asphalt Professionals is laying down the groundwork for NASCAR's event in the LA Coliseum - Click to READ MORE!