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Asphalt Professionals Incorporated (API) has been providing the Calabasas CA area with professional asphalt and concrete paving services for over four decades. Since 1974, we’ve been in the paving business, and we didn’t stop expanding that whole time. Now, we offer a full range of paving services ranging from decorative and commercial pavement installation to cost-effective asphalt repair and maintenance.

Paving Services Offered in the Calabasas CA Area

– Asphalt Paving

– Parking Lot Paving

– Roadway Installation

– Concrete Curbs & Gutters

– Asphalt Repair & Maintenance


  • We’ve listened to our customers and now offer decorative paving options like colored and stamped concrete, as well as interlocking paving stones, so we can install any kind of pavement your property needs.
  • Because of our dedication to quality asphalt work, we make sure everyone in our crew is a pavement expert with ongoing training and professional licensing, including CA DOT certification.
  • Our over forty year history in Southern California means we understand all about the different weather conditions and landscapes, so we can tailor the right pavement solutions for your Calabasas CA area property.

All About Calabasas CA

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles County, Calabasas CA is a growing community with a 2010 Census population of just over 23,000. The town is home to the oldest building in Los Angeles County, The Leonis Adobe, built in 1844 by Spanish settlers. Despite having such historic sites, the town wasn’t officially incorporated until 1991, but it has been growing ever since. Locals believe the town name was derived from the Spanish calabaza, which means squash or pumpkin, due to the number of native wild squash plants growing in the area.

Visitors to Calabasas CA have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the unspoilt natural beauty of California at Malibu Creek State Park, a lovely nature preserve with hiking and gorgeous mountain views, as well as Juan Bautista de Anza Park inside the city where you can have a picnic in the sun. The Leonis Adobe Museum puts the historical building in context as well as hosts annual events. The Calabasas Stairs and the Backbone Trail offer challenging hikes and scenic views. A visit to Paramount Ranch, an abandoned Old West film set, is a must-see.

Recent Paving Projects in Calabasas

We recently completed a large commercial parking lot paving project. Our services included Asphalt paving, base level work, grading, concrete curbing, and more. We will be updating this post with photo’s and a detailed description.

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