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For over forty years, Asphalt Professionals Inc has been professionally installing parking lots, driveways, and more throughout Ventura County and Moorpark CA, but we also are dedicated to helping our commercial and industrial clients keep their pavement looking good for decades. Our asphalt repair and pavement maintenance services utilize state of the art equipment and high quality paving products.

Paving Services Offered in Moorpark CA

– Subdivision Paving

– Asphalt Sealcoating

– Grading & Excavating

– Parking Lot Paving

– Crack Sealing

– Asphalt Paving

– Pavement Maintenance


  • Our paving company has almost 50 years of experience paving in California, so we can tackle any type of size of job from a small parking lot to a large industrial pavement area.
  • Over the years, we’ve expanded our business from a small operation to a large paving company with several crews and a fleet of equipment and vehicles.
  • We make sure all our paving contractors are fully licensed for CA DOT approved paving work, as well as carrying the full amount of insurance for all work.

About Moorpark CA

One of the fastest growing cities in Ventura County California, Moorpark CA had a 2010 census population of 34,421, up from only 4,000 in 1980. This might be because it’s just north of Thousand Oaks CA and around 50 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Though it’s not official, most think the name derives from the Moorpark apricot, which is planted in the area, and the town’s official flag features the apricot flower. The town was founded in 1900, formed from Fremont, and it remained a mostly agricultural area until the expansive growth of the late 20th century. It is home to Moorpark College and has one of the few exotic animal training departments in the country.

Moorpark contains a vibrant historic downtown area called High Street that’s planted with beautiful pepper trees. There are a lot of local restaurants and shops along High Street, as well as the High Street Arts Center. The town is famous for their Country Days festival in the summer, which features a parade of local businesses and organizations, as well as family friendly games and fun activities. Visitors will also enjoy America’s Teaching Zoo or Mammoth Highlands Park, which celebrates a mammoth skeleton found in the town.

Local Paving Contractor in Moorpark CA Completes Parking Lot Paving Project

As the most trusted commercial asphalt and concrete paving contractor in Moorpark, CA, Asphalt Professionals, Inc. recently performed an asphalt parking lot paving project for a local business.

The property manager, who we have worked with on several properties in the past, gave us a call. The existing parking lot had several holes and cracks that needed addressed but the owner also wanted to extend the parking area so there were more spaces for tenants.

We set up the project to begin on a Monday morning after giving ample amounts of time to give tenants notification of the upcoming project. We helped to come up with alternate parking options during the project and worked in sections to leave some parking spaces open – especially for those who can’t walk far.

During the new parking lot project, we started with clear & grub then did excavating, followed by 6 inches of rough grading then 3 inches of fine grading. We installed a new concrete curb and paved the lot with hot asphalt. Once done, we topped it off with sealcoating and line striping. We were able to create ten new parking spaces and the property manager and owner were very happy. They said we are always easy to work with and do a great job.

Best Parking Lot Repair in Moorpark CA

Many commercial property owners don’t think about their parking lot, but it’s a huge part of their property values, not mention the first thing customers encounter. A worn or damaged parking lot can make a bad first impression, but how can you make it better?

Asphalt Professionals Inc, Moorpark CA’s leading parking lot paving company, wants all commercial clients to have safe, beautiful pavement, and we have the parking lot repair services to get your commercial pavement back to full function.

Pothole Repair

Professionals can fix potholes by removing the debris and broken pavement, custom mixing asphalt and aggregates, filling the hole with this hot mix asphalt, then compacting it to match the level of the existing pavement. This method creates a permanent fix without requiring more extensive type of repairs.

Asphalt Patching

When there’s a depression or a large area of cracking, paving contractors cut away the top layers of asphalt in a certain area, then replace it with brand new asphalt. Like with pothole repair, this new asphalt is leveled to match the rest of the pavement.


An effective fix for larger areas of damaged pavement is asphalt resurfacing. This is performed by first milling the top layer of asphalt, then applying an overlay, or thinner surface layer of new asphalt that adheres to worn pavement and creates a new surface.

Your Trusted Moorpark CA Parking Lot Repair Company

All of these repairs are designed to help you revamp your asphalt parking lot without needing a full replacement, which can cost a ton of money. If these repairs aren’t enough, the parking lot experts at Asphalt Professionals Inc can also install new asphalt or make more extensive repairs without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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