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Asphalt Professionals Incorporated (API) has been the leaders in asphalt paving in the Oxnard, CA area for over 40 years. Throughout that time, we’ve become the trusted pavement experts by approaching every job with the same work ethic and dedication to client satisfaction. We specialize in large development projects like subdivisions, and we have the skills to create everything needed for long-lasting asphalt installations.

Asphalt Paving Services Offered in the Oxnard, CA

– Parking Lot Paving

– Subdivision Paving

– Pavement Maintenance

– Parking Lot Sealcoating

– Grading & Excavating


Why Choose Us

  • We’ve been in operation as a family business since 1974, so we’ve worked on a ton of different sized paving jobs from repair of a commercial parking lot to municipal asphalt installation.
  • Our employees are our family, so we make sure every single professional paving contractor is fully trained in the latest technologies, as well as licensed and insured.
  • We consult closely with property managers to determine the best pavement services for the commercial property, providing detailed work estimates and constantly communicating throughout the paving job.

All About Oxnard, CA

Located on California’s South Coast region, Oxnard is the most populous city in Ventura County with over 208,000 residents as of 2019. Only about an hour south of Los Angeles, the city is considered part of the greater LA area, though it has its own history and infrastructure. The Oxnard Plain area was under Spanish control for the first few centuries of its existence, and the early settlers took advantage of the area’s climate for farming and ranching.

Oxnard remains a prime ranching and agricultural region to this day, though it was industrialized by founding father Henry T Oxnard with the building of several mills and factories in the late 1800s. Railroads soon connected the area to the rest of California and the nation, and Oxnard is also a transportation hub in modern times, with several rail and bus lines, as well as the Oxnard Airport (OXR). Today, the greater Oxnard metropolitan area has a strong infrastructure and vibrant industries that provide residents ample opportunities.

Visitors to the area or new residents also have a lot of attractions to enjoy, including miles of beaches. The Oxnard State Beach Park provides a ton of activities like volleyball, picnics, hiking, and swimming, but visitors can also enjoy a great day at the Channel Islands Harbor, which offers boating, whale watching, many seafood restaurants, local shops, and more. The Mullin Automotive Museum features a large selection of classic cars. The historic park and walkways at Heritage Square are also a great place to visit.

How Often Should Asphalt Be Resurfaced In Southern California?

Oxnard CA’s most trusted paving company for asphalt resurfacing is Asphalt Professionals Incorporated (API) because we have the expertise to find the right solution for your damaged parking lot or roadway. We’ve been helping local commercial property owners with asphalt resurfacing and overlays for over forty years, so we have the expertise to rehabilitate asphalt parking lots and roadways without breaking the bank.

Commercial property owners may wonder when it’s time to call the professionals for some asphalt pavement maintenance. The short answer is that it depends on how damaged your parking lot is, whether there’s potholes, deep cracks, or just surface wear. Here’s how different types of resurfacing services can help damaged or worn pavement.

Types of Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt Sealing

The best service for minor damage is asphalt sealcoating or slurry sealing. During this service, paving contractors use specialized equipment to apply a thin coating over the entire surface of the pavement that revitalizes and protects the asphalt. A sealcoating is a great service for slightly worn, dry, or minimally cracked asphalt parking lot or roadway, and it creates a good surface for line striping and pavement markings.

Asphalt Resurfacing or Overlay

When the damage to your asphalt pavement is a little more extensive but doesn’t reach down into the gravel base, an asphalt overlay can be a great option. Overlay or resurfacing requires repairs of potholes or depressions before it can be applied. The existing asphalt surface, once repaired, is cleaned and/or milled, and a thick layer of hot-pour asphalt is applied, essentially creating a new surface.

Asphalt Patching

When pavement damage goes down through the asphalt layer to the gravel sub-base, a surface treatment isn’t enough because the pavement can move and break down further underneath the sealcoat. When there’s structural pavement damage like this, experienced paving contractors will cut out the damaged asphalt and replace it in a process called patching. A sealer or asphalt overlay can then be applied to the entire surface to make the repair seamless.

How Often to Get Asphalt Resurfacing in Southern California

Sealcoating is known to extend pavement life by up to ten years, but it is not a brand new asphalt surface, rather a protective coating. This means that sealcoating can be performed yearly or every two years, depending on how much traffic the parking lot gets. Resurfacing, because it’s a more extensive repair, lasts as long as a regular asphalt surface, so in theory, it would last decades with regular maintenance. This is why asphalt resurfacing is an excellent choice for asphalt pavement that is structurally sound but has extensive surface damage.

Best Asphalt Resurfacing in Oxnard, CA

The decision of whether to get asphalt resurfacing or sealcoating is best made with the help of professional paving contractors. In Ventura County, California, the trusted paving contractors are Asphalt Professionals, Inc. With over forty years experience in the pavement industry, we’ve seen a lot of different conditions, so we can help you decide when to resurface your asphalt parking lot. Contact us today for more information about asphalt resurfacing in Southern California.



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