Curbs & Gutter Repair & Installation

For curb and gutter Installation and repair, the best choice in Southern California is Asphalt Professionals Incorporated. Though we have asphalt in our name, we’ve been in the paving industry for over 40 years and have experience with all kinds of pavement, including concrete gutters and curbs.

All About Curb & Gutter Repair & Installation

Concrete curbs and gutters are usually installed at the edges of asphalt pavement like parking lots or roadways to finish the pavement installation. Concrete curbs and gutters provide valuable benefits to asphalt paving, including:

  • Keeping the asphalt stable,
  • Preventing edge deterioration,
  • Letting water flow away from the asphalt,
  • Directing water to a catch basin or drainage area,
  • And creating a smooth transition between asphalt and other pavement.

The Installation Process
The paving experts at Asphalt Professionals Incorporated have the high tech equipment and the experience to complete your concrete paving job. Let’s look at our customer-focused process for curbs and gutters. Our curb and gutter process includes:

  • Consult with our valued client to determine the scope, budget, and timeline of the job.
  • Measure and prepare the site for installation by cleaning and grading the area.
  • Remove any deteriorated or broken pavement and safely haul it away for recycling.
  • If the gravel underlayer has been compromised, remove and replace it with fresh crushed stone, then grade it for proper drainage.
  • Set up concrete forms made of wood or metal to hold the concrete in shape as it cures.
  • Use only high quality concrete that’s custom mixed for the unique conditions at every job site.
  • Put in joins and other surface marks that provide stability and durability, then remove the forms from the cured concrete.
  • Thoroughly clean the site and remove all warning signs so our clients can enjoy their new concrete gutters, aprons, or curbs.

Your Concrete Curb and Gutter Specialists

If you need concrete paving on your Southern California property, Asphalt Professionals Incorporated are your trusted contractors. We can install concrete curbs, aprons, gutters, or whatever you need to complete your pavement installation, and we are also the concrete curb and gutter repair specialists. Contact us today for your concrete paving consultation.

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