Sidewalk Repair & Installation

For concrete services in Southern California, Asphalt Professionals Incorporated are the trusted paving contractors with the experience to do the job right. We’ve been installing and repairing pavement for over 40 years, so we have the equipment and expertise to create or repair the perfect concrete sidewalks for your property.

All About Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete is the ideal paving material for walkways and sidewalks for several reasons, including:

  • Because it’s liquid at first, concrete is easily transported in specialized vehicles to the job site and in wheelbarrows at the site.
  • Concrete is also easily placed and finished without the use of large equipment, making it easy to install without damaging landscaping or other paving at the site.
  • Unlike asphalt, concrete paving doesn’t need to be compacted by vehicle traffic to stay stable and level.
  • To change the design or color, concrete can be stained and impressed with patterns to mimic natural stone or paving like bricks.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair & Maintenance Services

Though it is durable for walking traffic and easily installed, concrete isn’t impervious to damage and wear. Wire mesh inside the concrete can prevent sinking and cracking, but freezing water can create deep cracks. If damaged, sections of the sidewalk can be removed and replaced.

With quality installation, concrete paving can last for 30 years or more, but proper upkeep is vital for any pavement. Concrete maintenance services like sealing, degreasing, and crack filling can extend the life of your sidewalks for years.

Our Concrete Sidewalk Repair & Installation Process

Over our decades in the paving industry, we’ve developed foolproof processes to install all pavement types, including concrete.

  • Perform a thorough site examination to determine if sidewalk sections need to be removed and replaced.
  • Compact and prepare the soil for proper drainage and lay out warning signs to keep everyone safe.
  • Cut the areas to be repaired, then demolish and remove damaged concrete, recycling it into other paving projects.
  • Remove and replace any damaged substrate or gravel, then make sure it is properly compacted and graded.
  • Install steel wire mesh for stability and wooden concrete forms to hold the concrete in its shape while it cures.
  • Pour high quality liquid concrete rated between 3000 and 3500 psi.
  • Use brushes and trowels to create marks for stability and traction on the finished surface. This is the point where stains or patterns are applied.
  • Strip the forms after the concrete has completely set.
  • Clean the job site and remove all signs.

If you need concrete sidewalks installed or repaired on your Southern California property, contact Asphalt Professionals, Inc right away! One of our paving experts is waiting to talk to you.

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