Full Service Asphalt Parking Lot Installation in Thousand Oaks CA

Full Service Asphalt Parking Lot Installation in Thousand Oaks CA

Thousand Oaks CA’s best parking lot paving company is Asphalt Professionals Inc, and we proved that with a recent challenging parking lot installation job. One of our regular Southern California paving clients needed a new parking lot on undeveloped commercial property in the Thousand Oaks CA area. Because they trusted our work ethic, the client asked us to be the general contractor for all trades in building the parking lot.

Our asphalt paving expert consulted with the client and performed a detailed site inspection to understand the specific job challenges present at the site. As the general contractor, we were responsible for clearing and grubbing the land, meaning removal of all above-ground vegetation as well as stumps and roots underground. After this, we graded the area to ensure proper drainage for the parking lot.

Once the land was prepared for paving, we installed a thick gravel aggregate base layer and compacted it using special equipment to make it stable. Then we poured hot asphalt for the parking lot itself as well as finished it off with concrete curbs. Our Thousand Oaks CA property owner loved their new asphalt parking lot, and they knew they came to the right company.

API is proud to serve our Southern California neighbors with the best asphalt paving, whether that’s building a commercial parking lot literally from the ground up or helping to rehabilitate old, damaged pavement on a historic property. Whatever your pavement needs, the trained and licensed paving contractors at Asphalt Professionals Inc are happy to help. If your property in Thousand Oaks CA needs paving services, contact us right away.

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