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When creating a subdivision, professional paving contractors are necessary for grading and paving of streets, parking lots, loading zones, or all of the above. This is especially important for subdivisions, as the asphalt pavement is the first thing potential residents see. Without quality asphalt paving services, your new land development can suffer damage and have dropping property values.

In Southern California and the Thousand Oaks, CA area, the company with premier land grading and asphalt paving services is Asphalt Professionals. We’ve been paving in the area for over forty years, so we understand what Californians need from their asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Professionals have experience with the entire grade & pave process, including:

  • State of the art Trimble GPS technology in our grading equipment to maximize accuracy and efficiency
  • Highly skilled large crews and fleet of equipment that can accomplish the work in days vs weeks
  • Paving roadways, subdivisions, parking lots, and more
  • Installing concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, or drainage systems
  • Professional repair of potholes, cracks, and other pavement damage
  • Cleaning and maintaining pavement over its life

We shepherd our SoCal clients through the entire process with transparency so that they understand the importance of all work we perform, and we work closely with property managers to meet the needs of residents and landowners alike.

All About SoCal Subdivision Grading & Paving Services

At Asphalt Professionals, we approach every job with integrity and professionalism to bring you the highest quality pavement. Let’s look into our proven grading and paving processes.

Our Grading & Paving Process

    • Our proven subdivision paving process begins with proper grading of the soil and the gravel underlayer. Grading is vital to creating stable pavement that allows water to flow away from pavement, reducing future damage like cracks and potholes. Using specialized equipment, we compact the gravel underlayer for good drainage.
    • Next we pour the asphalt layer to a thickness of at least an inch, depending on the site and conditions. Because of our history in the industry, we have developed relationships with suppliers to bring our SoCal customers the highest quality paving products, and we custom mix our asphalt for the specific conditions on the property.

Concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, aprons, and more are installed with the same attention to detail and integrity as our asphalt installations to ensure that your parking lot or roadway remains in good repair.

Repaving Services in the Thousand Oaks, CA Area

Professional paving contractors don’t leave their clients alone once the asphalt is cured. At Asphalt Professionals, we take care of our local clients with quality asphalt repair and repaving services.

Repaving Services

Though it’s ideal for long-term use, asphalt paving does break down over time, requiring professional repaving services. Water can cause cracks and even potholes, but paving experts know how to repair and prevent this damage. Our professional repaving services include:

  • Removal & Repaving – When asphalt is too damaged, the best repair is complete removal and replacement. Our experienced paving contractors can safely remove and recycle broken asphalt pavement, clean and grade the area, and then install high-quality pavement that will last for decades.
  • Asphalt Patching – If the damage is concentrated in certain areas, asphalt patching or overlays can provide a continuous smooth surface. With professional patching services, visitors will only see a fresh asphalt parking lot or roadway. We also offer asphalt finishing services like parking line striping to take your repair all the way to an upgrade.

Pavement Upgrades

The parking lot or roadways on your SoCal commercial property form visitors’ first impressions. If the asphalt pavement in your subdivision or commercial property has seen better days, that’s not the best impression.

Luckily, the paving experts at Asphalt Professionals can upgrade your asphalt pavement with services like:

  • Widening of roadways
  • Installing concrete parking bumpers or sidewalks
  • Pavement markings and parking lot striping

These services can take your asphalt pavement to the next level, providing a professional look for your commercial property or subdivision.

Your Southern California Grading & Paving Experts

Since 1974, Asphalt Professionals have been working in the greater Thousand Oaks, CA area to bring local property owners the best grading and asphalt paving services. Our decades of experience mean we can tackle any pavement repair, installation project, or pavement upgrades to keep our SoCal neighbors driving safely. Contact us today for information about grading or paving your Southern California property.

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