How Often Should Parking Lots Be Sealed in Southern California?

How Often Should Parking Lots Be Sealed in Southern California?

For asphalt sealcoating in Santa Monica, CA, Asphalt Professionals Incorporated (API) are the trusted local paving contractors. With our experience with all kinds of asphalt paving in Southern California, we’ve become the area’s leaders in pavement maintenance services like asphalt sealcoating.

All About Asphalt Sealcoating in My Local Area

Asphalt sealcoating is a professional pavement treatment that involves applying a thin layer of a specially mixed asphalt sealer applied over the surface of an asphalt parking lot. One of the most important aspects of pavement sealing services is getting the work done by a trusted paving company who knows your local area.

How does sealcoating rehabilitate asphalt pavement?

The sealcoating product itself is made of the same kind of oils and polymers that the pavement itself is made of, so a sealcoat can give a dry, worn parking lot surface more flexibility as well as fill in minor cracks and deterioration.

How do I know my Southern California parking lot needs sealcoating?

If your parking lot has surface wear or minor damage like shallow cracks that don’t affect pavement stability, then an asphalt sealcoating is a great way to prolong its life. Asphalt parking lots with deep cracks or potholes need repairs first.

How Often Should Parking Lots Be Sealed in Southern California?

When you get your parking lot sealcoated depends on how much traffic your lot typically gets, but most paving experts recommend getting it sealed once every two years for low traffic areas and yearly for high traffic areas. Regular sealcoating can prevent major pavement damage and extend the life of your parking lot by decades.

Your Southern California Sealcoating Experts

The Camarillo CA area’s trusted paving company is Asphalt Professionals Inc, and we can help you with parking lot sealcoating, installation or repair. If your local parking lot needs some love, contact us right away.

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