Property Managers

Our personalized pavement maintenance program is designed to help property managers!

At Asphalt Professionals Incorporated, we understand the hard work that property managers put in for their homeowners and tenants. Our asphalt experts put in the same amount of work for you and your property owners. Though we’re a large paving company, we’re agile and can pivot to accommodate our clients’ urgent needs as well as provide long term pavement maintenance solutions.

As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we always:

  • Respond to any questions or issues immediately
  • Listen to our client’s feedback
  • Help our clients understand the pavement maintenance process
  • Set realistic expectations so we’re all on the same page
  • Designate the right equipment and enough manpower to complete jobs quickly & efficiently without sacrificing quality
  • Provide excellent communication throughout the entire process from site survey to final job completion

We understand the challenges that Property Managers encounter with pavement services!

Our professional paving services include ways to make the property manager’s job easier in several key ways:

Maintenance or Replacement

We make sure to explain all the options that are applicable to your unique paving project, whether that’s asphalt repair, pavement maintenance, asphalt overlay, or a full pavement rip out and replacement. Our customer satisfaction focus means we take the time to understand what the client (HOA or commercial property owner) wants or needs, and then help you understand and communicate these options to your client to obtain a clear final answer.

Finding a Reliable Paving Contractor

We know that it can be hard to find a reliable and trustworthy paving contractor, so don’t hesitate to request a reference or check out our completed jobs in your area!

Pavement Maintenance Budget Challenges

With our decades of experience, we’ve learned that many property managers can have budgeting pressures from their clients, but we can help provide both short term and long term solutions, whether that’s small repair jobs at a reasonable price or a customized pavement maintenance program.

Our Customer Focused Pavement Maintenance Consultation Process

  • Visit the site with the property manager, a HOA board member, and/or the property owner.
  • Assign a project manager as a point of contact who sticks with you from estimate through continuous estimates, through job completion.
  • Complete a thorough job estimate with a project map.
  • Show up to work on time and complete paving work efficiently with your schedule in mind.
  • Take lots of pictures to keep an account of our quality paving work.
  • At the conclusion of the job, walk with the client to verify the work, answer any questions, and address any issues.

Pavement Maintenance FAQs

Let’s address your concerns about pavement maintenance right now!

  • What kind of pavement maintenance is available for commercial properties?

    Our fleet of asphalt paving equipment and teams of trained paving contractors are available for small repairs like crack filling or pothole repair, larger repairs like asphalt patching or overlay, preventative maintenance like asphalt sealcoating, or an ongoing maintenance program that addresses all three.

  • How do you schedule pavement maintenance services?

    With all the work we do for HOAs, apartment complexes, and commercial properties, our paving schedule is very dynamic, and our large company means we can address any urgent paving needs quickly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a pavement expert!

  • What should I do to prepare for paving work?

    We only need access to the property because we can handle all hazard signage and site preparation. Just please turn off any sprinkler systems while your new asphalt cures.

  • How long will my pavement function be interrupted?

    We can complete large commercial parking lots in sections so that the functionality of your pavement remains intact. With ideal weather conditions, new asphalt and asphalt sealers only take about 24 hours to fully cure.

  • How long does pavement repair or maintenance last?

    Properly maintained asphalt pavement can have a lifespan of several decades, and paving experts recommend maintenance like sealcoating yearly for busy parking lots to keep it looking good.

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