SoCal Paving Contractor Expands with New High Capacity Equipment

SoCal Paving Contractor Expands with New High Capacity Equipment

Asphalt Professionals Incorporated. Inc. (API) ‌became Southern California’s premier asphalt paving company by constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our operations so that we can offer our clients the best paving solutions available. Since 1974, we’ve been performing quality paving work all over SoCal, learning and growing over the years.

What began as a small family business has become a full-service paving company with several large crews and a constantly expanding fleet of paving equipment. Recently, we procured paving equipment that will help us offer more efficient work to our valued clients: New skip loaders and a windrow elevator!


What is an asphalt windrow elevator?

An asphalt windrow elevator is a machine that moves hot mix asphalt more efficiently so that it can be laid down on the prepared sub-base. The windrow works with the paving machine, called a paver, to evenly distribute the hot-mix asphalt over the base, and it has to be carefully calibrated to match the pace of the paver. This specialized asphalt paving equipment enables us to pave over 300 tons of asphalt per hour!

With our new windrow elevator, we can tackle even the largest paving projects such as sub-divisions, roadways or large industrial pavement areas, and we can work with greater efficiency to get the job done within the tightest schedule and under budget!

If your SoCal commercial property, real estate development or municipality needs serious asphalt paving work, you know API, Asphalt Professionals Inc, are on your side! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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