Asphalt Contractor Fixes Parking Lot Drainage Issue in Camarillo CA

Asphalt Contractor Fixes Parking Lot Drainage Issue in Camarillo CA

In Ventura County cities like Camarillo, CA, the leaders in commercial pavement maintenance and repair are Asphalt Professionals Incorporated (API) not only because of our decades in the area but also our approach to every pavement job. We’re a local paving company, so every job is beautifying our own communities and every local client is a neighbor.

We were recently contacted by a Camarillo, CA property management company about a serious problem with their parking lot. Because we care for every local client in our area, API got a trained paving estimator to the site quickly to get the asphalt repair process started. During the thorough site inspection, our asphalt expert noticed water pooling on top of the pavement.

Water pooling is a big problem that will cause damage to asphalt pavement later on, including cracks and potholes. Water soaks into pavement and separates the asphalt from the aggregates inside, resulting in pavement damage that goes all the way through the pavement layers. If not corrected, improper drainage can lead to deep potholes or major asphalt cracking. The pavement experts at Asphalt Professionals, Inc knew exactly how to help the property manager fix this issue before it got worse.

Our first task was to correct the drainage at the site so that water would flow away from the asphalt parking lot surface and into the storm sewer. Our professional paving contractors did this by lowering the concrete gutter. Next, we needed to adjust the slope of the asphalt pavement to keep that water flowing the right direction.

Once our licensed contractors finished creating a new slope, we sealed the entire area with asphalt sealcoating, creating a beautiful smooth surface that would protect the asphalt from further wear and damage. Finally, we repainted all pavement markings with high quality traffic paint to keep visitors safe.

If your Southern California commercial property has pavement issues, whether they’re related to drainage issues or just wear and tear, you need the quality paving services of the area’s paving leader: Asphalt Professionals, Inc. We have the experience and equipment to fix any type of asphalt pavement damage, so contact us right away for a thorough consultation.

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