Parking Lot Paving

Paving Parking Lots since 1974

For over 45 years, Asphalt Professionals, Inc has been installing commercial parking lots in Southern California, so we have experience with all kinds of paving conditions. In the Thousand Oaks, CA area, API is the most trusted parking lot paving company for all types and sizes of parking surfaces. Our paving contractors have the skills to create the perfect lot for your commercial property from a stable, well draining base layer to the perfect pavement markings. With a parking lot installed by API, you can rest assured that your visitors will be safe.

Our Parking Lot Paving Services

Installing an asphalt parking lot involves a lot of different paving processes, but the asphalt experts at Asphalt Professionals Incorporated have experience in all of them.

  • Asphalt Milling
  • Grading
  • Site Preparation
  • Asphalt Overlay
  • Speed Bumps
  • Concrete Curbs
  • Sealcoating
  • Line Striping

Paving Parking Lots FAQ’s

  • What is the parking lot paving process?

    First, our paving expert consults with you about your needs and designs a parking lot that is easy to navigate and makes efficient use of your space. Next, we grade the site for proper drainage before installing a gravel base layer and compacting it to ensure stability. Next, we pour a high quality asphalt layer of at least 2” thick. After it cures to a hard but flexible surface, we use special traffic paint to create parking lanes and other pavement markings. Finally, we finish your lot with concrete curbs, walkways, and bumpers.

  • How long will my new pavement last?

    With optimal conditions and a professional installation from a trusted paving company, asphalt pavement can last for decades, up to 30 years. With ongoing pavement maintenance, your asphalt can last up to 50 years.

  • How should I maintain my parking lot?

    There are many different ways to maintain your asphalt parking lot, including crack filling, minor repairs, and asphalt sealcoating. While some of these maintenance processes can be completed with DIY products, professionals have special products and application technologies. With a comprehensive maintenance program from Asphalt Professionals, Inc, your asphalt parking lot can last half a century.

  • What is an asphalt overlay?

    An overlay is a thin layer of new asphalt that is poured hot over old, worn pavement. Professionals recommend overlays on pavement that is worn but doesn’t have any serious cracks or potholes, and it can be a great parking lot paving service to prolong the life of your pavement.

  • Your Southern California Parking Lot Paving Experts

    With over 40 years in the paving business, Asphalt Professionals Incorporated has the expertise to create the perfect parking lot for your Southern Californian business. But we don’t abandon our clients after it’s done. We also offer parking lot repair and maintenance services to keep that new asphalt parking lot looking beautiful for decades.

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