Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Project in Simi Valley CA

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Project in Simi Valley CA

In Simi Valley CA, Asphalt Professionals Incorporated are the leaders in parking lot paving, and we are always happy to help our Southern California neighbors with their pavement needs. Let’s see an example. One of our project managers just helped a local commercial property owner get a new parking lot, even with some challenges.

Our pavement experts worked closely with the property owner to determine the best way to get the business a new parking lot within their limited budget. After a thorough site inspection, our trained pavement representative noticed that the land was also undeveloped, which would require more work. Luckily, the client had found a full service asphalt paving company who’s not afraid to tackle a tough job.

After presenting the client with a detailed estimate, our expert paving crew got right to work. First we had to prepare the site, which involved clearing away vegetation, then excavating. We also moved boulders before applying a base layer of fine and rough gravel. Using special equipment, we then compacted the gravel layer and gave it the proper slope for water runoff in a process called grading.

After this intense site preparation, we were able to add a final gravel aggregate base, then pour high-quality hot asphalt for the final parking lot. After leveling the asphalt layer and letting it cure, we also painted parking lines with durable, reflective traffic paint. Our crew is super proud of this parking lot paving from the ground up, and the customer loved how we finished it within budget and ahead of schedule.

If you’re needing help with your asphalt parking lot in Simi Valley CA, Asphalt Professionals Inc can help. Click below for more information about our parking lot paving services.

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